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Weiss T.  2014.  Vector Field Design. Otto-von-Guericke-Universitaet zu Magdeburg. M.Sc.
Barton S.  2014.  Visual Representation of Similar Touristic Regions Using Georeferenced Images. Department of Computing Science, Media Informatics and Multimedia Systems Group. BsC
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Stoffel F, Jäckle D, Keim DA.  2014.  Enhanced News-reading : Interactive and Visual Integration of Social Media Information. Proceedings of LREC 2014 : Ninth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation : May 26-31, 2014, Reykjavik, Iceland ; VisLR workshop : visualization as added value in the development, use and evaluation of Language Resources. :21–28.
Neuber A.  2014.  Entwicklung eines History-Mechanismus für Multi-Präsenter Szenarien. University of Rostock, Germany. B. Sc.
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Burch M, Raschke M, Blascheck T, Kurzhals K, Weiskopf D.  2014.  How Do People Read Metro Maps? An Eye Tracking Study Proceedings of 1st International Workshop on Schematic Mapping.
Schütze H, Jochim C.  2014.  Improving Citation Polarity Classification with Product Reviews. 52nd Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL).