Accepted projects of the SPP proposal phase 1

This is a short overview of all accepted projects. To view more information about a specific project, please click it.

Visual Analytics for Large and heterogeneous Life Science data with emphasis on expression data

Professor Dr. Gerik Scheuermann 1), Dr. Kay Nieselt

Variational Methods for Model-based Interactive Analysis of Flows

Professor Dr. Daniel Cremers, Professor Dr. Martin Rumpf

Scalable Visual Patent Analysis

Professor Dr. Thomas Ertl, Professor Dr. Hinrich Schütze

Visually guided exploration of point cloud data in Euclidean space

Professor Dr. Joachim Giesen

Zoomable Cell

Professor Dr. Stefan Gumhold, Professor Dr. Michael Schröder

Scalable Visual Analytics of Video Data

Professor Dr. Gunther Heidemann, Professor Dr. Daniel Weiskopf

New techniques for the interactive navigation, visualization, and analysis of heterogeneous biological networks

Professor Dr. Michael Kaufmann, Professor Dr. Oliver Kohlbacher, Professor Dr. Hans-Peter Lenhof, Professor Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Weikum

Visual Spatiotemporal Pattern Analysis of Movement and Event Data

Professor Dr. Daniel A. Keim, Professor Dr. Stefan Wrobel

Coordination Project

Professor Dr. Daniel A. Keim

Visualization of and interaction with complex graphs on large-scale and high-resolution displays: models, metaphors, and interaction paradigms

Professor Dr. Peter Liggesmeyer, Professor Dr. Achim Ebert

Exhaustive visual search for information in multi-dimensional data sets

Professor Dr.-Ing. Marcus Andreas Magnor, Professor Dr. Holger Theisel

Efficient Visual Analysis of Dynamic Medical Image Data

Professor Dr.-Ing. Bernhard Preim, Professor Dr.-Ing. Klaus-Dietz Tönnies

Topology-based Visual Analysis of Information Spaces

Professor Dr. Gerik Scheuermann, Professor Dr. Gerhard Heyer

Visual feature space analysis

Dr. Tobias Schreck

1) Sadly the original applicant (Prof. Dr. Dirk Bartz) passed away unexpectedly in 2010.